Our staff is well versed in processing the patient and payer correspondence received through lockbox or any other means. Below listed are few examples of the correspondence that we normally receive:

Patient Insurance Card copies Receipt of patient’s insurance card copy
Patient Patient Mail Return Receipt of statement return due to incorrect address.
Patient / Insurance Refund Request Receipt of refund request from patient or insurance company
Insurance Offset Receipt of offset EOB with prior patient information to process.
Patient Payment Plan Letter received from patient requesting monthly payment plan.
Attorney Itemized Statement Request from Attorney Letter received from patient’s attorney requesting itemized statement.
Patient Charity Care / Financial Hardship Hospital charity care letter / Financial hard ship letter received from patient requesting discount.
Patient Dispute Letter Letter received from patient disputing the charges either for level of care or citing balance too high.
Patient/Attorney Death Certificate Patient’s death certificate receipt. We are aware of checking SSDI website for confirmation.
Patient/Attorney Bankruptcy Receipt of Bankruptcy filing/meeting of creditor’s letter
Discharge Notice – Notice discharging the patient of debts.
Dismiss Notice – Notice dismissing the patient and make him/her responsible.