TDP RCM Services is a Cost-Effective, Revenue Cycle Management medical billing company USA and India. We partner with healthcare RCM and billing companies coast to coast providing a wide range of services. We have built a scalable business model that allows us to meet business demands quickly and deliver “best-in-class” quality results with completely HIPAA-compliant operations. Our Leadership and Operations Management Team comprise over 100+ years of Medical Billing experience.

Our services include Provider Credentialing; Medical Coding; Eligibility & Verification; Charge & Demo Entry; EDI Services; Payment / Cash Posting; Patient & Payer Correspondence; Denial Management; Underpayment Recovery; Account Receivable Management; Credit Balance & Refunds; Prelisting/Bad Debt Collections; Pre/Soft Collections.

Our business philosophy is to let you concentrate on what you do best – caring for your clients, while letting us handle what we do best – increasing your revenue with proficient employees, unchallenged technical expertise, and rich experience. When you interact with us for all of your back-office management; you are protected under a single umbrella. We provide you with a central point of contact for ultimate accountability.